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T962A Reflow Oven Controller - Complete Upgrade Package


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ESTechnical T962A Reflow Oven Complete Upgrade Package

This package includes the items required for upgrading and installing the ESTechnical Controller Upgrade to the T962A Reflow Oven.

The parts supplied with the complete upgrade package mean you can use the ReflowViewer application for data logging, this allows for more accurate profile adjustment.

Key Features

  • Accurate temperature control;
  • Even heating of PCBs;
  • Prevents wastage through damaged or destroyed boards and components;
  • Prevents the need to rework incomplete reflow soldering;
  • 30 easily adjustable reflow profiles;
  • Pre-programmed with a profile ideal for lead-free soldering.

See the ESTechnical T962A Reflow Oven Manual for more information.