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Reflow Oven Accessories Package


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Key Features

This package is the ideal addition to a T962/T962A reflow oven that is already fitted with an ESTechnical Reflow Controller. This package adds a USB connection and external thermocouple input.

With this upgrade kit fitted, the ESTechnical Reflow Controller is capable of data-logging the temperature of the PCB and oven using the software reflowViewer, available from https://github.com/estechnical/reflowViewer.

This package includes:

  • USB Panel Passthrough Connector
  • USB Cable
  • FTDI Cable
  • K Type Thermocouple
  • K-Type Thermocouple Panel Mount Connector
  • K-Type Thermocouple Cable PTFE Flat Pair
  • Kapton Tape 30mm
  • Kapton Tape 10mm
  • Heatsink Compound