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Toaster Oven Reflow Conversion Kit


Key Features

Toaster Oven Conversion Kit

  • Reflow soldering controller kit for converting a toaster oven;
  • PID temperature control;
  • Even heating of PCBs;
  • Save up to 30 easily adjustable reflow profiles;
  • Pre-programmed with a profile ideal for lead-free soldering.


This conversion kit can be used to convert a toaster oven into a reflow oven.

Board Temperature

The conversion kit includes a controller which regulates the temperature of the board ensuring it stays within tightly controlled tolerance throughout the reflow cycle. Using advanced PID control of the temperature of the air inside the oven, the controller provides greater control of the reflow soldering process.

Reflow Cycle

Based on research of ideal reflow profile control, the controller uses a variety of advanced control methods to achieve consistent results with varying board weights and population densities.


The interface for the controller has a number of key features including:

  • 20 character four line display with backlight;
  • Intuitive menu;
  • Simple parametric setup - no need to 'teach' a profile;
  • Edit the temperature set points and dwell times;
  • Easy to edit and save reflow profiles;
  • Upto 32 reflow profiles possible;
  • Pre-programmed with a profile ideal for lead-free soldering.


Installation is straight-forward, full instructions are included.

Parts supplied include:

  • One control board with 20x4 character LCD display;
  • One SSR to control the exhaust fan;
  • One SSR to control the heater;
  • Self adhesive membrane keypad;
  • One K-type thermocouple;
  • Cables required for installation;
  • Full installation instructions.

The controller board is fully assembled and tested, guaranteed for 1 year to be free from defects in manufacturing. Whilst the guarantee will not cover damage to controllers through misuse or improper fitting, we are accommodating and will repair/replace any controller that is returned at any time, no questions asked, for a small fee - we think that's a fair policy since the controller requires fitting by the user and sometimes mistakes happen.

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